Confiserie Bachmann

Confiserie Bachmann is Basel's most traditional and famous chocolate manufacturer, specializing in high-quality sweets. HHF completed the renovation of the Confiserie Bachmann flagship coffee house and chocolate shop in 2009.

With this renovation, the brand - local but well known in Switzerland - has received a bright, elegant and contemporary look that has adapted the characteristic qualities of the previous chocolate shop. The renovation optimizes its location by reorienting itself not only to the street, but also to a covered passageway with outdoor seating around the corner. An inviting coffee bar flooded with light, the arrangement of the glass sales cabinet, the counter, the furnishings, the bright colors - all are designed to create a new openness to the street and to the covered passageway.

Although the space is small, the renovation creates a spacious yet intimate atmosphere through the use of reflection and color. Atypical of chocolate shops, the white color creates a light and spacious atmosphere that is balanced by chocolate-colored furniture.The offsetting mirror system embedded into the main wall reflects diagonally to create the perception of depth and complexity.