Urban development study in Lucerne

HHF, 2001,TER, Systematica, Transsolar and Cabane win an open competition in Luxembourg with STADePARK – a major development transforming the city’s stadium and surroundings.

HHF, Archobau and others proposal for a new lab in the city of Basel.

Tiny homes for minimal carbon footprint

191 The Playful Eight

Children Playgrounds as a realm of protected enclaves at Biennale Architettura 2021, 17th international architecture exhibition Venice.

Swiss Consulate Chicago – a collaboration with Kwong von Glinow

166 Van Baerle

2018 – , ongoing, three mixed-use buildings, family housing, student housing and residential community clusters, Münchenstein, Switzerland, competition, 1st prize

Multi-functional object consisting of a series of individual elements, that when together form a house, in collaboration with BIG Bjarke Ingels Group

2018, study for a 3* and 4* hotel, offices, medical centre, spa, co-working, restaurants and commercial surfaces, Toulouse, France

2017 – , ongoing, mixed-use urban block with residential, offices, restaurants, indoor swimming pool and daycare, Strasbourg, France, competition, 1st prize

156 Chicago Architecture Biennial

An Installation and a seriea of four screenprints.

2017, project study for an urban mixed-use quarter with residential, shops, trades and daycare, Berlin, Germany

146 Rheinpark

2016 – , urban study with new waterfront and public park, Weil am Rhein, Germany, competition, 2nd prize

2016, proposal for the Swiss Pavilion at World Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE 

2021, 70 apartments, ateliers and commercial surfaces, Renens, Switzerland, competition, 1st prize

2016 – , ongoing, mixed-use tower, Biel, Switzerland, competition 1st prize

142 Gartenstadt 21

2016 – 2017, future labaratory on urban densification for Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung (BBSR), Germany

141 Campus Santé Lausanne

2016, competition with SO-IL architects for a health and science campus, Lausanne, Switzerland

140 Urban Study Stöckacker

2016, urban study, masterplan for Stöckacker, Münchenstein, Switzerland

139 Schule Riedmatt

2016, open competition for a high school and kindergarten building

138 Urban Study Rhypark

2015, urban study, St. Johann, Basel, Switzerland

137 Zukunft Wohnen Köln

2015, urban densification study, Cologne, Germany

136 Temporary Clubhouse Swiss Re

2015 – 2018, built, temporary building containing a cafeteria, restaurant and guest-house, Zurich, Switzerland

2015 – , uncompleted, adaptation and reconstruction of Dom Revolucije (Home of Revolution), Nikšić, Montenegro, competition, 1st prize

134 UCCA Beijing

2015, renovation and addition of The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing, China, invited competition, 1st prize

133 Werkhof Sissach

2015, competition for a storehouse ground, Sissach, Switzerland

132 Bridge Reichenau

2015, competition for a bridge over the Rhine, Reichenau, Switzerland

2014 – , ongoing, façades, roof design and backyard of a shopping mall and the renovation of a protected building, Berlin, Germany, competition 1st prize

2014 – 2017, renovation of a private house and construction of a garden pavilion, Arlesheim, Switzerland

129 Sécheron

2013 – , ongoing, housing project and renovoation, Geneva, Switzerland

128 Casa P@

2013 – , ongoing, private house, Florianópolis, Brazil

2014 – 2016, private residence, Starnberg, Germany

126 Expo 2027

2014, study for a Swiss national expo in the Lake Constance area in 2027

2015, temporary festival pavilion for the first biennial for contemporary music and architecture ZeitRäume Basel, Switzerland

124 Museum of Natural History and State Archives

2015, competition for the new building of Museum of Natural History and the State Archives, Basel, Switzerland

2015, exhibition design and installation for Museum für Neue Kunst, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

122 Rail Corridor Singapore

 2015, urban study for an community space along the city rail corridor, Singapore

121 House of Switzerland

2015, study for the House of Switzerland at the Rio 2016 Olympics & Paralympics – Summer Games 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

120 Haefely Areal

2014, urban idea competition for a mixed-use development, Birsfelden, Switzerland

119 Plaine Sportive Blotzheim

2014, competition for training grounds and a small stadion, Blotzheim, France

118 Stade de la Tuiliere

2014, competition for the new football stadium of Lausanne, Switzerland

2014 – , ongoing, mixed-use housing, Weggis, Switzerland, competition, 1st prize

2014 – , uncompleted, mixed-use parking, Dreispitz-Ruchfeld, Basel, Switzerland, invited competition, 1st prize

115 Treasures in Disguise

2014, contribution to the 14th International Architecture Biennale, co-curation, Montenegro Pavilion, Venice, Italy

114 Greek Tourism is not in Crisis

2014, contribution to the 14th International Architecture Biennale, Greek Pavilion, Venice, Italy

113 Extension de l'Université de Fribourg

2014, study for the Faculty of Law, Fribourg, Switzerland

112 Study Kotor

2013 – 2014, study for a hotel, mixed-use housing, restaurants, bars, multifunctional public spaces, Kotor, Montenegro

111 Sauna H

2013, wellness area, Riehen, Switzerland

2013 – 2014, restaurant, bar, lounge, interior design, Basel, Switzerland

109 New Roof S

2014, single-family house extension, Meilen, Switzerland

2013 – 2014, waterfront redesign, Vlora, Albania, open competition, 2nd prize

107 Opération Les Vernets

2013, urban idea competition for a mixed-use development, Geneva, Switzerland

Densification apartment building, Basel, Switzerland

2013, apartment building, Basel, Switzerland, invited competition, 3rd prize

104 AGGLOlac

2013, urban idea competition for a mixed-use development, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

103 Zentrum Spreitenbach

2013, urban study for a new densified city centre, Spreitenbach, Switzerland

102 Studie Rösslimatt

2013, urban study and company headquarter on a freight yard area, Lucerne, Switzerland

101 Cafeterias Unispital Basel

2013, study for the remodeling of hospital cafeterias, Basel, Switzerland

2013, urban study for a new mixed-used quarter, Bülach, Switzerland

099 Medela Greenfield

2013, company headquater and production facility, Buchrain, Switzerland

098 Fribourg – Les Grand-Places

2013, urban study and landscape design, Fribourg, Switzerland

2013, study for a multifunctional building with aparterments and commercial spaces, Opfikon, Switzerland

096 Lutisbach

2013, urban study, terrace housing, Lutisbach, Switzerland

095 Renovation House H

2013, renovation of a private residence, Riehen, Switzerland

094 Baseltor Luzern

2013, uban study, Lucerne, Switzerland

093 MEP Givisiez

2013, urban study for a new quarter, Givisiez, Switzerland

2013, apartment building, Basel, Switzerland

2012, aquarium, Basel, Switzerland, competition, 2nd prize

2012, contribution to the 13th International Architecture Biennale, Ruta del Peregrino exhibition, Venice, Italy

2012, urban study, s-bahn network planning, Basel, Switzerland

2012, museum, concert hall and welcome center, Lausanne, Switzerland

087 Davidsboden

2012 – 2013, housing study, Basel, Switzerland

2012 – 2013, private residence, Ziefen, Switzerland

2011 – , ongoing, housing, Montreux, Switzerland

2011 – 2012, day-care center, Allschwil, Switzerland

083 Route Acacias

2012, urban block densification study, Geneva, Switzerland

082 Therwilerstrasse 38

2011 – 2012, apartment renovation, Basel, Switzerland

2011 – 2013, urban study, master plan for public spaces, La Défense, Paris, France, competition, 1st prize

080 Quai de Valmy

2011, private apartment, Paris, France

2011 – 2017, pavilions, observatory, museum, restaurant, Carrières-Sous-Poissy, Paris, France, competition, 1st prize

2011, elderly home and dementia care center, competition, Kruishoutem, Belgium, 2nd prize

2011 – 2012, urban study, strategic plan for Leimental-Birseck-Allschwil areas, Region of Basel, Switzerland

076 Baeumlihof

2011, college and high school renovation, Basel, Switzerland

075 Bodan-Areal

2011, office and housing complex, Romanshorn, Switzerland

2011, urban study, transformation strategy of shooting range into urban park with housing, Allschwil, Switzerland

073 Bruennen Baufeld 4+7

2010, housing complex, Bern, Switzerland

2010, housing, swimming pool, multipurpose and exhibition spaces for the foundation, Berlin, Germany

071 Bruennen Baufeld 2

2010, housing complex, Bern, Switzerland

070 Rheinpromenade Kleinbasel

2010, urban study, redesign of rheinpromenade and strategies for public spaces along waterfront, Basel, Switzerland

2010 – , competition, mixed use and housing complex, Baar/Zug, Switzerland, 1st prize

068 Lenzburg

2010, train staition square redesign, Lenzburg, Switzerland

2010, sculpture, entry to the Swiss Art Awards 2010, invited competition, 1st prize

066 Sehringer Brissago

2010, private house, Brissago, Switzerland

2010 – 2016, apartment building, Basel, Switzerland

2009, commercial and office complex, competition, Munich, Germany, 2nd prize

063 Lommel

2009, elderly home and dementia care center, Lommel, Belgium

2009 – 2011, guest house, Ancram, New York, USA

061 House L

2009 – 2010, private house renovation, Basel, Switzerland

2009 – 2011, private residence, Nuglar, Switzerland

2009, extension to the Kunstmuseum Basel, Switzerland, international competition, 4th prize

058 Gymnasium Chatelet

2009, high school, Biel, Switzerland

2008 – 2012, urban study, master plan of public spaces and urban mobility, Praille-Acacias-Vernets, Geneva, Switzerland

2009, row house extension and renovation, Basel, Switzerland

055 Bernoulli-Walkeweg

2009, mixed use high-rise building and housing development, Basel, Switzerland

2009, information and training center, Olten, Switzerland

053 Mehr als Wohnen

2008, cooperative housing, Zurich, Switzerland

2009, urban study, 46ha port redevelopment masterplan including housing, offices, hotel and education, Basel, Switzerland

2008, apartment complex, Grottaferrata, Rome, Italy

2008 – , study, concept for an exhibition and a series of houses

2008, lookout point, State of Jalisco, Mexico

048 Freestall Wildenstein

2008, cowshed, Wildenstein, Switzerland

047 Three Shadows

2008, study for a restaurant for an art and photography center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

046 Oberentfelden

2008, development of urban master plan for former industrial brush company, Oberentfelden, Switzerland

2008 – 2009, conversion of a former ice cream factory into an office and studio building, Basel, Switzerland

2008 – 2009, café and chocolate shop, Basel, Switzerland, competition, 1st prize

2008 – 2009, villa, uncompleted, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

2008, elephant habitat in Zoo Zurich, competition, Zurich, Switzerland, 6th prize

041 Laubiweg

2008, housing, Zurich, Switzerland

2007 – 2009, official swiss contribution, 7th São Paulo International Architecture Biennial (2007), invited competition 1st prize; S AM Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel (2008); Today Art Museum, Beijing (2009); Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture (2009)

039 Stadtrandentwicklung nordwest

2007, urban study, transformation of garden area into dense residental neighborhood, Basel Nord-West, Switzerland

2007 – 2009, fashion center, Berlin, Germany, invited competition, 1st prize

037 Pamy Shop

2007, retail design, Basel, Switzerland

2007 – 2008, urban study, vision for the German-French cross-border metropolitan region Saar-Moselle, Eurodistrict, Saar-Moselle, Germay

035 Pratteln Tower

2007, mixed use high-rise building, Pratteln, Switzerland

2007 – 2010, private house, uncompleted, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

033 Infopoints SBB

2007, furniture for information desk for the Swiss Railway Company (SBB), Switzerland

032 Kaserne

2007, window design for armory's protected façade, Basel, Switzerland

031 Sonnenweg

2006, housing concept study, Möhlin, Switzerland

2007, urban study, transformation vision for the St. Johann port area, Basel, Switzerland

029 Götschel-Hauser

2006, apartment building, Basel, Switzerland

2006 – 2007, restaurant, bar, lounge, interior design, Basel, Switzerland

027 U90

2006, industrial building renovation, Basel, Switzerland

2006 – 2008, restaurant and cafeteria, Basel, Switzerland

2006 – 2007, housing project with 49 apartments, Baden-Dättwil, Switzerland, competition, 2nd prize

Phase I: 2008 – 2012, Phase II: 2012 – 2015, restaurant, 9 apartments, Basel, Switzerland

023 Kunstmuseum Bern

2006, museum extension, Bern, Switzerland

022 Kraftstrasse 1+3

2004 – 2006 / 2009 – 2013, apartments renovation, Basel, Switzerland

021 Klybeckquai

2008, urban study for the redevelopment of a port freight area, Basel, Switzerland

020 Loft M

2005, loft interior design, New York City, USA

019 The Wings

2006, private residence, New York, USA

018 Choco Loco

2005, chocolate shop, Basel, Switzerland

2006 – 2008, gallery and art storage, Salt Point, New York, USA

2005 – 2008, weekend house, Ancram, New York, USA

2005 – 2007, guest house for a golf club, uncompleted, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

014 Clubhouse

2005, club house, waterville golf resort, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

013 Restaurant Erlkoenig

2005, restaurant and lounge renovation, Basel, Switzerland

012 Leonhardsgraben 2

2004, apartment, Basel, Switzerland

2004, apartment renovation, Basel, Switzerland

2004 – 2006, children's pavilion in the architecture park, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China

009 Restaurant Gambrinus

2004, interior and facade renovation, Basel, Switzerland

008 Oberer Batterieweg 17

2004 – 2005, rooftop apartment renovation, Basel, Switzerland

007 Sponagel

2003, apartment renovation, Riehen, Switzerland

006 Schoolhouse Victoria

2003, school building, Bern, Switzerland

005 House Olstein

2003, living and dining area renovation, Basel, Switzerland

2003 – 2004, single-family house extension, Riehen, Switzerland

003 Brueglinger Tor

2003, industrial building conversion study, Basel, Switzerland

2003 – 2009, parking garage, Bottmingen/Basel, Switzerland

2003 – 2009, housing development, Bottmingen/Basel, Switzerland