Hafen- und Stadtentwicklung Basel

The project "Reharbour" redefines the Port of Basel to be more than a pure point of logistics, but an important player in the urban fabric, which unites all different kind of water utilizations and transportation infrastructures. At the same time it becomes an attractive development area on the waterfront for the city of Basel and its surroundings.

An intensive examination of the process of a gradual development of port utilization for urban use of the Rhine near shore locations led to the following results: Proposals for a reorganization of the port railway, which pursues the goal of early unlock the Klybeckquai of port railway uses. Tapping into by an S-Bahn is possible with a variant which crosses the Rhine at the level of national border and uses the existing port track. The urban concept is characterized ecological and landscape architectural, the new planned uses are formulated reserved.