Entwicklungsplanung ELBA

... the ground under foot, the future in mind ...

This study looked at urban strategies for the canton of Basel-land, in particular for the Leimental - Birseck - Allschwil region. Today, the North-East of this area is principally urban while, to the South-West, smaller villages nestle in picturesque landscapes. However, the North and South of Basel-land are progressively becoming more and more similar as identity-forming differences disappear and as new areas are developed with little or no coordination. Roads are more and more congested and energy use is enormous.

Future urban planning should build upon the strengths of the region to bring out its many qualities. By densifying the urban structure, Basel-land can protect its villages and countryside while defining and refining the identity of its cities. Dense, compact cities use resources and energy more intensively and are generally healthier for the surrounding environment, resources, and soil. At the same time, compact cities allow for sustainable, optimized transportation networks, as shorter paths are created. In order to insure this, and because residential development grows mainly in areas that are well served by public transportation, it is key that land use and transportation planning are developed in a coordination fashion.

We studied a range of possibilities that have the goal of ensuring a sustainable urban development for Basel-land, based on the existing strengths of its urban agglomerations and rural villages.