The task was to build a daycare center in an existing structure. The space is oriented to all 4 sides of the building. Due to the fact that the main entrance to the building is used for the residence, the daycare is accessed from the garden. The rooms are arranged that the transitional situation never disturbs the function of the room – like a "millipede" from the loud playing area to the quiet dormitory.

Bright green walls refer to the garden. The necessary transparency is achieved with large glass surfaces to precieve the rooms as one large space. The price was an important factor, therefore the wooden doors and walls are not refined. Reducing the material processing to a minimum proofed to be the right decision. The scratches on the wall and patina are the desired side effects.

The custom children sized furniture is designed in collaboration with Thomas Wienands, a daycare furniture specialist. The kitchen is catered to childern, allowing them to be part of the preperation of their daily meals.