Zu- und Ausgänge S-Bahn Basel

To manage the Basel city center can be developed faster and better possible entrances and exits to the S-Bahn Basel were analyzed in this study.

Downtown stations of the S-Bahn to benefit not only the immediate environment but are also new interchanges to tram and bus. So passengers from districts that had to change to S-Bahn several times before, are now connected within a shorter time and less change. In addition, thanks to downtown stations tram and bus stops are relieved from and to Basel SBB train station. Also in favor of passengers that go further than to the station.

In order to clarify whether it is in the narrow, historically grown Basel's city center has ever enough space for station entrances, procedure was as follows: It was created a potential analysis to evaluate possible and meaningful locations for station additions. This was done based on eligibility criteria, including job density, transfer connections, audience intensive facilities and identity bearing addresses. Secondary criteria were use of sensitivity (negative: quiet residential areas), areas of development and expansion reserves, areas involved with restructuring and redensification potential and use focal points of public spaces.

Where multiple criteria were positive, it came to spaces where suitable sites were sought for station additions.

Already in the coarse study over 30 possible locations for station additions in Gross- and Kleinbasel were found. In this case, it will be possible both free-standing as integrated in buildings. Architecturally, they should be designed rather cautious.

For Grossbasel: Due to the limited space, it would be optimal to create several small entrances and exits.

For Kleinbasel: In the residential areas, additional passenger flows should be avoided by entrances and exits. On the other hand the outputs on the axis Claraplatz-Messe could strengthen existing offers. However, it raises the fundamental question of whether the S-Bahn station in Kleinbasel may and should release additional development and transformation potential.