Restaurant Lichtstrasse

The restaurant is situated on the ground floor at Lichtstrasse 9, in the quickly developing residential and industrial area of St. Johann in Basel. The core concept was to connect the new residential building by HHF and the attached renovated brick building, keeping the existing spaces as original as possible.

The Bar and entrance area in the new Building has glossy white tiles and rough concrete walls which creates a butcher shop feel.

The main cosy dining area with white and black painted brick walls is situated in the attached renovated building. The atmosphere is dominated by a randomly green striped patterned recycled old wooden sports hall floor and big industrial lamps. The space is furnished with wooden tables and basic second hand restaurant chairs.

The Swiss Airport Lounge in the corridor to the wardrobe and restrooms invites for a chat. The restrooms as well as the new part of the outside façade are vertically tiled in glossy black, which makes the connection between inside and outside.