Art & Cartoon

Installation and Scenography for the exhibition “Kunst kommt von Kaufen” about German Cartoonist Peter Gaymann at the Museum für Neue Kunst in Freiburg, Germany.

To display and show a selection of 99 cartoons in a trilingual exhibition, the text of each cartoon was translated into German, English and French and printed with a barcode - replacing the original illustration - on paper blocks. In order to visualize the original illustration and share it with other visitors, the cartoon-text with barcode has to be ripped from the block and scanned on a scanner in the center of the room. The illustration is projected on a wall as long as the barcode is placed on the scanner. Afterwards the paper can be disposed in a waste bin.

Along the installation HHF designed a second exhibition room with display tables for original paintings of Peter Gaymann and a printed wallpaper of Gaymann's cartoons.