Jardin Métropole

“Jardin Métropole – Bären Tour de l'Ours” is a nine-story residential tower located in the Biel neighbourhood of Mett. With its distinctive form, composed of three differently sized cubes placed in varying orientations atop a circular ground floor, the building serves as a significant landmark while also paying homage to Biel's Volkshaus from 1932 with its well-known "Rotonde." Together with the adjacent public green space, the prominently situated tall building at Bärenplatz contributes significantly to the enhancement of the neighbourhood. The freestanding structure marks the beginning of a park in the old Mett village centre and relates in geometry and orientation to the surrounding buildings. Central to the design, which is inspired by the theme of the city garden, is the interior access to various outdoor spaces. Both private loggias with individual greenery and garden terraces shared by all residents serve as high-quality spatial offerings. The expressive ceramic façade, which is visible from afar, is distinguished by horizontal window bands and integrated photovoltaic elements, supplies a large portion of the apartments and service areas with energy.