Resulting out of a collaboration of Swiss and Danish architects HHF and BIG, the first Puzzle House is a hybrid hovering somewhere between sculpture, architecture, furniture and industrial object. The lightness of the foam and the endurance of the rubber coating makes it an interesting hybrid between hard and soft, small and big, indoor and outdoor.

The Puzzle House is a multi-functional object with maximum reconfigurability consisting of a series of individual elements, that when together form a house.

It triggers social interaction as most elements need to be carried by more than one person to combine them to different settings. Gathering take many forms, - every user or group can reconfigure the modules any way they want. Separately, each piece can act as a seating element, when flipped on their sides, they can become wind barriers or partitions to delineate spaces for various group activities, when stacked on top of each other they can form a children’s playground. The possibilities are endless… to be continued.

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