HHF Exhibition – Baar

The exhibition took place in May 2013, in Baar, Switzerland, for the official release of the territory planning and development of Unterfeld Zug and Baar, a project which connects the two cities.

The large exhibition hall was divided with black theater curtains to create a number of connected galleries giving the two parts of the exhibition an architectural frame. One focusing on planning and development of Unterfeld, displayed with several model studies and panels; and the second showing a monographic retrospective highlights of first 10 Years of HHF’s work.

All models and studies were placed on simple, custom designed tables with steel trestles and cardboard desktops, each devoted to one project. Aluminum framed photos by famous architecture photographers were hung from the ceiling to complement the models, studies, and the information provided on the tables.

The exhibition is envisioned modular to be easily reconstructed at different galleries and exhibition spaces.

Concept, Design and Exhibition Tables
with Wolfgang Hockenjos, Benjamin Krüger

Additonal Furniture
INCHfurniture, Basel

Aluminum framed Prints
Iwan Baan, Tom Bisig, HHF