September 5–27, 2014
Architekgurgalerie, Munich

The projects assembled here were designed without any conscious endeavor to establish a common thread between our various projects. From the start we at HHF tried to fight explicitly and systematically the temptation to actively pursue a formal common thread and the trivial understanding of authorship as a visual recognition feature. A thread is spun in any case as a matter of course from habits so habitual now, as to form the very fabric of our practice. In order not to let these habits get a formal common thread we collaborate with other architects and artists sharing equally the access to the core of design.

Our starting point is always the question: What contribution can we make to the specific project in hand? We try to identify as clearly as possible the thematic thrust of any issue presented for our consideration. We ask ourselves, what are the spoken and unspoken expectations—of what the project may achieve, of what we ourselves may achieve? And we discuss whether we actually have anything to offer that will go beyond the simple and the obvious. What do we want? And—what do we not? What specifically do we therefore need to control and design—and what not? From these simple questions we develop projects that differ quite a lot in formal terms. Their design and control are limited to that which we hold to be pivotal to their respective extended functions.

We accordingly see our projects always as unfinished ventures and as a potentially interesting and incisive springboard for someone else’s next project. This approach is applicable equally to the classical architectural object and urban planning. We think of our designs as an additional link in the chain—a chain forged by all who went before us and to which future comers will hopefully add their own agenda and kinks. This is why we make our designs as impertinent, strong and daring as we can: so that the next person down the line finds as interesting a point of departure as we ourselves like to find.

Concept, Design and Exhibition Tables
with Wolfgang Hockenjos, Benjamin Krüger

Architekturgalerie, Munich, Germany

Aluminum framed Prints
Iwan Baan, Tom Bisig, Christian Gahl, Maris Mezulis, HHF

Wooden Stools

Exhibition Photos
Benjamin Krüger

HHF—Unfinished, ISBN: 978-3-033-04706-8